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Three Key Qualities for Landing Sales Jobs

Sales is a crucial sector of the modern labor market, and there are many types of sales jobs. They can be some of the most interesting and rewarding challenges youll tackle in the course of a career. Here are the key tools you'll need to make working in sales work for you.

Sales Jobs: All About Customer Service

The old adage "the customer is always right" is the guiding light of working in sales. Put another way, it means your job is to find what's right for the customer. If you're tasked with selling a specific product, you have to find some genuine way in which the product would be useful to them. If you're working as a general sales representative in a small shop or department store, you have to be dedicated to finding the right product for people who come to you. The more you're there to serve the customer and understand their needs, the more effective you can be.

Communication Skills Are Crucial

You don't have to be naturally extroverted to work in sales jobs. You do, however, have to be able to turn on your most outgoing self on the sales floor so you can approach people, establish a positive relationship quickly, learn what they need and talk about products lucidly andenough for them to want to buy. If this doesnt come to you naturally, the good news is that it's a teachable skill. Search for sales seminars near you, or look at what's offered online at LinkedIn Learning.

Persistence and a Positive Attitude

A conversion rate refers to the number of prospects a business gets that act on their interest and become customers. In retail, the average conversion rate is 3 percent; in some industries, it's as high as 10 percent. In other words, working in sales unavoidably involves dealing with rejection. Facing that with a positive attitude, bouncing back and being persistent is important for sales jobs in any field.

Whether working for salary or commission as anything from an account manager to a business development manager to a straight-ahead sales clerk, sales jobs draws on key qualities with broad applications. They can be a worthy part of any career path.

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